There are two types of expenses within Weekly – committed and day-to-day expenses.

An expense is considered “committed” if it happens at a regular interval for a known amount. Subscriptions, bills, and loan payments are examples of committed expenses. Savings goals are also considered committed expenses. Since these expenses are for a defined amount they’re easy to budget for.

Weekly takes your regular income and subtracts all of your committed expenses to discover your weekly Safe-to-Spend amount. Your Safe-to-Spend is used to cover all your day-to-day expenses like groceries, gas, clothing, and entertainment.

Many budgeting apps ask you to estimate how much money you’ll spend on day-to-day expenses. We believe this approach adds unnecessary complexity to your budget. Instead Weekly has a single bucket for all of your day-to-day expenses – your Safe-to-Spend. At the beginning of each week, your Safe-to-Spend is increased by your weekly Safe-to-Spend amount so you can take budgeting one week at a time.