The latest release of Weekly brings some changes including a new budget summary and the context menus to organize page options.  Read below for details.

A New Budget Summary view

The new budget summary view at the top of the screen helps better visualize where your money is going.  Your Weekly Spending Limit, the value at the top, is what is left over of your income after your recurring bills and fund contributions. On the right you will see a bar graph that shows your income as a full bar as it is the full amount you have to spend.  Underneath you will see a bar graph of how much of your income is going to bills and funds relative to the amount of money you bring in.  On the left you can see the amount of your income that is going to bills and funds written out as percentages.   

New Context Menus

To get to different functionality on each page, we have added context menus underneath the three dots near the top right of the screen.  The things underneath the three dots change depending on the page you are on, but as an example the options on the “Budget” page include the changing the setting that shows your archived funds, the ability to review item categories (see below),  the ability to change the interval of the budget item you are looking at and the option to learn more about budget items.

Review Recurring Items Categories

When you first sign up for Weekly, we guide you through a setup of your budget going through many categories of recurring transactions.  If you ever want to go through that process again and review your recurring item budget categories and potentially add new ones, you can do so by selecting “Review Categories” under the new context menu in the “Budget” page.

Option to Hide the Large (+) Button

At the bottom of the Dashboard page there is a prominent (+) button for adding in transactions manually.  If you want to hide this button you now can.

We have added the ability to hide the large (+) at the bottom of the screen on the Dashboard.  You can find the option to customize the dashboard by tapping the context menu at the top right of the Dashboard screen or scrolling all the way down to the bottom and tapping customize.

New Heading for Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

We have added to the information available when you tap on one of your connect bank accounts or credit cards.  At the top of the screen we now show your Current Balance, Available Balance, Account Type and Account Mask – which is the last four digits of your account number (Weekly never has access to your full account number).

More accurate Cash Forecast projections

We’re continuing to refine the Cash Forecast report (which is currently in BETA) to better estimate your available cash. In this release we’ve made two changes. We now include your fund contributions as part of the expense on the forecast. This will help anticipate spending from your funds.  We also adjust the estimated spending for the current week based on your remaining Safe-to-Spend.  The cash forecast report isn’t a perfect prediction of your spending, but it should give you a strong sense of what your money will look like if you stick to the budget you’ve laid out.


We hope you enjoy these summer time updates!