Our Budgeting App Reviews

We want to create the world’s best budgeting app.  An app that is simple, easy-to-use but accurate.  An app that helps you feel in control without burdening you with unnecessary work.   We love our customer feedback.  Here are some of our favorite reviews of the app. 

Fantastic, just what I’ve been looking for!

I was thrilled when I found Weekly, I was like “Yes, finally someone who gets it!”… In my experience with monthly budget, I end up not checking my budget as much as I should and then I miss things.

– Midnaiyte

By far the best budget app we have ever used

This app doesn’t make you feel guilty about a budget it makes you figure out how to live your life how you want once you have paid your debts… It has been a great success for us.

– Tigersfan4eva

Finally found the one

I have used many different budgeting apps over the years including YNAB, Mint, Personal Capital and spreadsheets. They all had their pros and cons but I believe I have finally found the one that actually has a positive impact on my spending habits.

– edjmorg


I have been looking for an app to manage this relatively simple way of budgeting. It’s amazing it’s taken me this long to find it! (Or for someone to make it?)

– Chris69374

Changed my life 🙂

I’ve actually never written an app review but Weekly has changed my life and made it easy to save and track my spending … Weekly makes it very easy to set aside the money I need to have in my account so that I can know exactly what I have left to spend on having fun 🙂 … What I love the most is the UI!  It’s incredibly intuitive and takes about five minutes to become an expert at compared to how other budgeting apps can be a bit convoluted.

– emrichards_n

Best budgeting app!

Hands down the easiest budgeting app that actually works!  I have tried mint, Dave Ramsey, and many others and this simplifies it down to what you really need, how much can I spend a WEEK (especially for tight incomes) vs A MONTH (more apt to loose track of financial expenditures / accountability).  Weekly has been so much easier to use functionality wise than any other app I have tried!  How much Weekly can I spend all while still saving for vacation, etc.   and not have to break down every dollar to zero based income into tiny budget categories.  You just put in your bills anbd put in what you want to save up for ad BAM what’s left over is what you get to spend for the week.  Let the app do the rest for ya!  Don’t go over!  And it links to your bank accounts!  And its pretty good about syncing for every transaction so you can stay ahead!  Win!  Plus you can share with Partner for more household accountability!

– Late fees and rejection

A Really Great Budgeting App

I have been looking for an app to manage this relatively simple way of budgeting. It’s amazing it’s taken me this long to find it! (Or for someone to make it?)

I’ve tried several different budgeting apps and I’ve found that they’re either (1) hands off and require the user to manually track individual expenses or (2) so automated that the whole process tends to be a bit more complicated than it needs to be.  Weekly is perfect in that it automatically pulls in transactions – keeps the experience relatively hands off – but doesn’t over complicate the whole thing.  The user experience and interface is super clean and easy to follow.  Keeping everything within a “week-window” also makes it more manageable to track expenses and understand how much is “left” to spend based on income.  A great app that I would definitely recommend.

– ashanthonyn

Finally a Simple Weekly Budgeting App

I have tried many budgeting apps from super detailed to basic information.  My main challenge has always been I don’t live on a monthly budget.  I live weekly even though I do get paid once a month.  At the end of the month I was usually low on cash.  Also tracking my spending was difficult with all the transactions etc.  I even rresorted to a weekly cash envelope system.  This app is super simple.  It covers recurring bills and then the rest is your free to spend cash.  So for example gas, most budget apps would put that as a recurring so I would put $209 for the month.  But then one weekly I would spend $65 and then the next week I would spend $40 due to gas price fluctuations.  I could never really see if I had s surplus or went over until the end of the month.   Here the transaction comes up and it takes it from free to spend.  If you’re under it only takes the exact amount from free to spend.   So guess what I can see the extra $5 for a latte!  Hope all of this makes senses.  It’s definitely worth it for me to live with a weekly allowance.

– Jinx coke

Simple and Well Designed

After years of refusing to pay for a budgeting app, I finally gave in.  I manage my finances in a variety of ways, (Personal Capital, Wave accounting etc.). These options are great for insight but they don’t have a true budgeting ability.  I’ve tried all of the other budgeting apps, but I’ve never found one that worked for my family or that I was willing to pay for, until I find Weekly.

This app is super simple to use, yet much more effective at corralling my family’s spending, than trying to dig through various reports with my wife each month.  Life has went from we need to spend less on X to now knowing this is how much we can spend and still be within our means.

The developers of this app are also super responsive and ready to assist!

– poseykw16

Weekly has me saving so much more cash!

For years I have used and paid for the majority of the budget apps available.  This one is my keeper!

The most importan difference is that it has helped me to be sucessful by thinking in smaller time and money chunks about my available “cash”.

Other budgeting apps have you categorize every fixed and non-fixed expense over the period of a month, but they always leave me trying to figure out how much “cash” I should have available.  A month is a long time to focus on, and I typically spent more than I needed to.

With Weekly, you concentrate on smaller more manageable time and money chunks.  I have begun to think of each week as a content, which I almost always win, and I transfer my “winnings” into my savings. (Which are now growing five times more than they were prior to using Weekly).

I now have my adult children using it successfully and am recommending it to my friends!

Weekly is well thought out and more importantly the develop is actively working to continuously improve the app so I know it will only get better.  It gets five stars from me because of the success I am having using it!

– Happy User 1111