Support for OAuth and Capital One

By |September 30, 2021|

Weekly connects to your bank to download your transactions to make it easy to stay on top of your Safe-To-Spend. Up until now, Weekly -  via Plaid - has used [...]

How To Create A Weekly Budget in 6 Steps

By |September 10, 2021|

No matter how often you're paid - once a month, twice a month, or every other week - weekly budgeting works.  Budgeting on a weekly basis makes it easier [...]

Bank Transaction Review

By |July 27, 2021|

Weekly is designed to keep you focused on one number: your Safe-To-Spend. To make sure your Safe-To-Spend number is up-to-date and accurate, Weekly pulls in your purchases from your bank [...]

Scheduling Transactions

By |July 7, 2021|

The latest launch of Weekly brings the ability to schedule transactions in the future. This comes in handy when you spend money but don’t want to count it against your [...]

Do You Feel Anxious About Money?

By |October 19, 2020|

  Do you feel anxious about money? That’s okay! Financial therapists say that it’s completely normal. Being unclear on what whether we are overspending or if our spending aligns with [...]

Stop the Shame!

By |October 19, 2020|

As financial coach, Amanda Clayman says, budgets are not supposed to be “a form of punishment for past mistakes.” But how do we shift budgets from being tools of punishment [...]

Choose Your Week Start Date

By |February 4, 2020|

The idea of behind Weekly is to budget your money on a weekly basis and not focus on when cash comes in or out of your bank account. But your [...]

Viewing Past Transactions

By |January 24, 2020|

What’s in the past is in the past, but if you wanna take a look — we got you! It’s Weekly’s aim to declutter the process of keeping track of your money and [...]

App Notifications and Viewing Bank Transactions

By |August 6, 2019|

App Notifications and Viewing Bank Transactions Getting your transactions automatically downloaded from your bank helps take away the headache of manually entering transactions. Now, with automatic notifications, you can be [...]

Account Management

By |July 22, 2019|

Account Management When you connect your financial institutions to Weekly, your transactions are automatically downloaded to help keep your budget up to date. This week’s release adds the ability to [...]

Transaction Review Enhancements

By |July 13, 2019|

At Weekly we believe reviewing bank and credit card transactions is a critical step in managing your spending. Seeing each transaction individually increases your mindfulness and helps ensure your money [...]

Tracking Daily Expenses

By |June 5, 2019|

Tracking Daily Expenses Weekly is designed to change behavior. It does this by giving you one financial number to concentrate on: your Safe-to-Spend amount. Your Safe-to-Spend amount is the amount of [...]

Your “Safe-To-Spend”

By |June 5, 2019|

Your “Safe-To-Spend” One of the problems with traditional budgeting is it’s hard to know what number to concentrate on. One approach is to give everything dollar a job and track [...]

Redefining Budgeting

By |April 18, 2019|

Redefining Budgeting Budgeting should be simple — just spend less than you earn, right? Unfortunately, most budgeting tools overcomplicate things with endless categories and constant updating. Weekly introduces an entirely new budgeting [...]

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