Posted Transaction Update Notification

Sometimes after a transaction has been posted to your bank account and downloaded into Weekly, the amount will increase. 

Weekly allows you to review transactions as soon as they sync from your bank. These transactions are often pending until they finally post a few days later with the final amount. In some cases the posted amount may change. The can happen if your tip at a restaurant wasn’t included in the pending transaction amount.

Weekly automatically handles this update for you but so that you don’t walk into your Weekly account and suddenly see a different Safe-to-Spend than you were expecting, we will alert you with a push notification.

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The reason we do this is the same reason we ask you to review your transactions before assigning them to different recurring charges –  we want you to know what is going on.  We think creating a great financial management tool involves trying to strike a balance between being “doing things for you” and making sure you are aware of what is going on.  If software is too “magical” and you have no idea where the numbers are coming from, you can feel too disconnected from your money (and you can’t double check that the system is operating properly).  On the other hand, if the system is too cumbersome to use and asks too much from you, then you might give up on it.  Weekly strives to strike that balance between easy-to-use while also giving you an understanding of what is going on.