Mint is Shutting Down – What Are Your Mint Alternatives?

The popular financial services app Mint has closed its doors.  Luckily there are many Mint alternatives that you can investigate for your personal financial needs.

Intuit just dropped the bombshell that Mint, the beloved app that showed millions how to manage their money on the go, is officially saying sayonara. Now, Mint users are getting a gentle nudge to jump aboard Intuit’s Credit Karma ship, which is a whole new financial adventure.  Some people are looking for a mint alternative that has the budgeting features that Intuit is not supporting in Credit Karma.

What is Mint?

Mint was one of the first personal finance online services that allowed you see all your accounts in one place.  Mint would connect to your bank accounts, download your transactions and then categorize them for you.  Mint was known for offering its services for free and making its profit off of product recommendations made to the user based on your purchases and current financial relationships.   It was first created in 2006 then sold to Intuit in 2009.  Since inception, Mint has consistently been popular app and has dominated search rankings and been the go-to app recommended by bloggers.  But in December of 2020 Intuit also acquired Credit Karma and for business reasons, Intuit has decided to rally around Credit Karma.  Credit Karma has some of the feature Mint has and doesn’t have other.  Credit Karma makes profit the same way Mint does, which is to recommend credit cards and loans to its users based on users financial data.  If they buy the product, the Credit Karma receives a commission.

Popular Alternatives to Mint

Luckily, in the days since Mint first launched, a bunch of online financial management alternatives have grown.  Below are some recommendations for alternatives to Mint based on what your favorite Mint features are.


If you are most interested in a free budgeting app, that is focused on helping you keep track and manage spending, maybe try Weekly as Mint alternative.

Weekly is Free
Weekly PRO is $49/annually, $7.99/month


If you are most interested to Track Networth and See All Your Accounts in One Place, maybe try Co-Pilot as Mint alternative.

$95/annually, $7.92/month


If you are most interested to Zero dollar budgeting system, maybe try YNAB as Mint alternative.

$99/annually, $14.99/month

Frequently Asked Questions about Mint and Credit Karma

According to Credit Karma, Mint was shutting down on March 23, 2024.

Intuit, the company that owns Mint, also owns Credit Karma. They want their Mint users to start using Credit Karma, but while Credit Karma has many nice features, it is missing many budgeting features that Mint had including the ability to categorize expenses.

According to Credit Karma, it will Credit Karma will continue to support the ability to see all your accounts in one place, viewing transactions, tracking spending, cash flow and seeing your networth.

Credit Karma will not support monthly budgets or monitoring of spending by category.

According to Credit Karma’s website, Credit Karma will support the ability to monitor credit scores from two credit bureaus, find ways to build credit and help users get personalized recommendations for ways to build credit wisely.

Reviews from Former Users of Mint on Weekly as a Mint Alternative


 I used to use Mint, but I hated having to categorize everything. With this app, you track what’s static and recurring and the rest is your weekly budget in one lump sum. I also love that it syncs with my bank and notifies me when new transactions come through. Its a great app with amazing customer support as well!


Best budgeting app!

Hands down the easiest budgeting app that actually works! I have tried mint, Dave Ramsey, and many others and this simplifies it down to what you really need> how much can I spend a WEEK (especially for tight incomes) vs A MONTH (more apt to loose track of financial expenditures/accountability). Weekly has been so much easier to use… than any other app I have tried!

– Late Fees and Rejection

Game changer

My wife and I used Mint for over 8 years, but we always struggled to have money left at the end of the month. We’ve been using Weekly for several weeks now, and what’s amazing is that we seem to have money left over each weekend to go out to eat, or do some fun family activities. The app is really well done and intuitive, and it’s great that I can share an account with my wife, so we can work together to stay on budget.

Justin Carboneau

Please read

This is a phenomenal app…. it basically forces you to enter regular income and expenses. It then calculates a weekly budget of what is left over. This is very powerful… I found this to be the BEST system to date. I have tried YNAB, quicken, mint and a few others. Download it and try it. You can finally find your adult allowance. LOL

– thepurists