Save For Your Goals

Set up funds to save for your long term goals.

Funds List with Locked and Archived Funds
Create a new fund

Create a fund

Create a fund and determine how much money you want to contribute to it.

Be At Peace

Weekly automatically adjusts to your new goal by saving for it every week.

Confirm Fund Transaction

Pay for Things from A Fund

When its time to purchase things related to your goal, use your fund balance.  Your Safe-to-Spend will stay the same.

What people are saying about Weekly…

Fantastic, just what I’ve been looking for!

I was thrilled when I found Weekly, I was like “Yes, finally someone who gets it!”… In my experience with monthly budget, I end up not checking my budget as much as I should and then I miss things.

– Midnaiyte

By far the best budget app we have ever used

This app doesn’t make you feel guilty about a budget it makes you figure out how to live your life how you want once you have paid your debts… It has been a great success for us.

– Tigersfan4eva

Finally found the one

I have used many different budgeting apps over the years including YNAB, Mint, Personal Capital and spreadsheets. They all had their pros and cons but I believe I have finally found the one that actually has a positive impact on my spending habits.

– edjmorg


I have been looking for an app to manage this relatively simple way of budgeting. It’s amazing it’s taken me this long to find it! (Or for someone to make it?)

– Chris69374