What’s in the past is in the past, but if you wanna take a look — we got you!

It’s Weekly’s aim to declutter the process of keeping track of your money and to keep you focused on one number: your Safe-To-Spend number.

That being said, one of our most requested features if to be able to see past week’s transactions. Here are some reasons you may want to check past weeks transactions.

  • See if a transaction has been entered already. By clicking a past week you will be presented with all the transactions in that week and if you are wondering, “Hey, did those donuts I purchased already come through?”, you can find out quickly by looking at past weeks.
  • See at a glance how well you did sticking to your Safe-to-Spend number. When you look at past week’s, the result of your week will be shown on the right. A quick scroll down will give you an idea of how many weeks you have been under your Safe-To-Spend.
  • Recognize trends in spending behaviors. Seeing past transactions may help you recognize trends in your spending behaviors and will help you be more mindful of your spending ‘in the moment’ going forward.

How To See Past Transactions

You can find your past transactions by clicking on the week at the top right of your tracker screen.

Once you click on the week, you will see a list of all your past weeks, with the result of the week’s spending on the right — if it was a positive number it will be in green, negative will be in red.

If you turned your rollover off for a week, there will be horizontal bar there that says “Rollover Off”.

From there you can tap on a past week to see the transaction in that week. When you do you will see the tracker screen again, but there will be a bar at the top telling you you are “Viewing last week” (or “Viewing X weeks ago” if you are going deeper into the past).


This is one of our most requested features. While the intent of Weekly is to keep you focused on your “in the moment” spending, seeing past transactions can be useful in seeing how well you are doing, making sure everything is accounted for and also uncovering past spending behaviors. To see this feature or to try out Weekly for yourself, make sure you download our Weekly budgeting app from the app store.