For those that live with ADHD, it can be harder to budget using complex financial tools. Luckily, Weekly with it’s easy-to-use interface, simple design and unique budgeting philosophy is a great budgeting app for those that live with ADHD.

A quick breakdown of the symptoms of ADHD.


  • Difficulty Sustaining Attention
  • Easily Distracted
  • Difficulty Organizing Tasks and Activities
  • Difficulty Following Instructions
  • Frequent Forgetfulness
  • Avoidance of Tasks Requiring Sustained Mental Effort
  • Frequent Shifting of Focus

Hyperactivity / Impulsivity

  • Restlessness and Fidgeting
  • Difficulty Engaging in Quiet Activities
  • Impulsivity
  • Difficulty Waiting Turns
  • Difficulty Delaying Gratification

We have heard from many users of our with ADHD that Weekly is a great fit for them. The features of Weekly’s app can help with people who have these symptoms. Here’s how.

ADHD related features in our budgeting app

Focus on one number

Weekly’s Safe-to-Spend gives our users one number to concentrate on, with all the recurring income, bills and saving goals already built into it. So as long as you spend less than what is in your Safe-to-Spend, you will be have your budget under control. And it can be always visible in our homescreen widget.

Weekly Spending Limit

The weekly spending limit is kind of like an adult allowance and it can be a source of comfort for those with ADHD.

One week at a time

Managing your money on a Weekly basis is easier to handle than taking a whole month at once.  It requires less planning and mentally keeping track of “where you are at” with your personal finances.  Plus you get to start fresh every seven days.

User friendly interface

Our interface is more fun than technical. You can also assign emojis to your income and expenses to make budgeting fun.

A system that operates around you

Weekly doesn’t try to make you abide by a set system to make your budget work. There is not a lot of rules aside from “try not to spend more than what is in your Safe-to-Spend”.  You can set your week start dates and even start over is things fall down.


Reminders can be helpful for people ADHD and Weekly will remind you to review your transactions when they are downloaded from the bank.

Saving on autopilot

Money for your long term goals is automatically set aside before your weekly spending limit is deposited to your Safe-to-Spend.

Home screen widget

The Weekly widget keeps your Safe-to-Spend at easy access.

Bad with money? This is your app!

I have tried them all: Zero dollar, envelopes, buckets, detailed, basic, you name it. I really wanted to get a handle on my finances. I have ADHD and I need to keep track of my expenses and transactions religiously otherwise I will forget what is due, not account for things, etc …  With this app I keep track of my four walls and reoccurring expenses and then it basically gives me what I can spend (like an allowance) every week.



If you have ADHD, it can be hard to manage finances. Weekly’s attempts to simplify and focus budgeting and spending tracking makes it a great choice for those that live with ADHD.

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