Your weekly spending limit amount is based on your regular income and committed expenses. Weekly uses these two numbers to calculate an average amount that can be spent each week, while still keeping enough money available for committed expenses like bills, loan payments, and savings.

To calculate this number we first have to find the average weekly amount for both your regular income and your committed expenses. Weekly takes the amount of each item and converts it to a weekly amount. For example, if you’re paid every two weeks, Weekly simply takes that income and divides it by two to get your weekly income.

Many bills, subscriptions, and loan payments are paid on a monthly basis. To convert a monthly amount to a weekly amount we divide by the average number of weeks per month which is 4.34524.

You can use this chart to convert any recurring transaction to a weekly amount.

Frequency Calculation
Weekly None
Every two weeks Divide by 2
Twice a month Multiply by 2 then divide by 4.34524
Monthly Divide by 4.34524
Every x months Divide by x then divide by 4.34524

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