How does rollover work?

At the end of each week, you will have balance in your Safe-to-Spend account which will be positive or negative. If you have overspent the money in your Safe-to-Spend, your balance will be negative but if you have underspent they the balance will be positive.

The next decision is what do you want to do with that balance. You have three options:

  • Rollover – If you choose this option, your next week’s Safe-to-Spend balance will be increased or decreased by the end of this week’s Safe-to-Spend balance.
  • Contribute to Fund – If you are trying to build up a fund to make a big purchase, saving your end of week Safe-to-Spend balance is a great way to add money to that savings goal.
  • Ignore It – If you ignore it, that money just sits in your bank as extra money to use “in real life” but is not mapped to any account in Weekly.

If you choose “Rollover” then the balance of next week’s Safe-to-Spend will be increased or decreased by the amount of last week’s Safe-to-Spend.

On the next screen you will be able to see the effect the rollover has on your current week’s Safe-to-Spend. If you have chosen to ignore your previous end of week’s Safe-to-Spend balance then “Rollover” will be set to “off”. If you have chosen to roll it over you will see “Rollover” as “on”. You can toggle “Rollover” on and off on this screen and see it’s effect on next week’s Safe-to-Spend.

You can continue to keep rolling over your end of week balance, positive or negative, from week to week. But be aware, If you do this and add or change transactions to past weeks, those changes will cascade down to any subsequent week’s connected via rollover and change the Safe-to-Spend balances.

Turning on or off rollover in previous weeks

If can also change the rollover in past weeks. To do so, on the dashboard, tap the right facing arrow and then you will see what you decided to do in a previous week and you can turn on your rollover there. If you do change the rollover status, the effect will cascade down all the following weeks that are connected to each other via rollover.


Rollover is a designation of what you decide to do with your end of week Safe-to-Spend balance. If your balance is positive and you roll it over, you will have more money in your Safe-to-Spend the next week. If it’s negative, they you can reduce the amount available to spend in your next week so you can make up the difference to keep yourself on budget.