Under the “Profile” page displays information about your account.

  • Email – If there is an email address associated with your Weekly account we will show it here.
  • Weeks – This is the number of weeks you have been using Weekly
  • Joined – The date you joined Weekly.
  • Login – This is the type of authentication method for your account.
    • Email icon – You use your email address to login
    • Facebook icon – You use facebook to login
    • Google – You use Google to login
    • Apple – You use your Apple ID to login

Then there will show a placard that has your subscription level.

  • Free – You are using the free version of Weekly
  • Pro – You are subscribed to Weekly PRO

Additional Functionality

Sign Out

Tap this button to sign out of Weekly

Delete Account

If you ever want to complete delete your account you can tap on “Delete Account” and we will completely remove you account and all transaction data within 72 hours.