How do I share Weekly with a partner?

Weekly is a great way to get in sync with a partner or spouse.  There is no extra charge to share your account with your spouse or partner.

Weekly is built with real-time data which allows you to log in to the same account on multiple devices and share your data.

If you signed up with your email address, simply share that email address login with your partner or spouse.

If you signed up with logins (Google, Facebook and Apple) you can add an email address to your account and share that email login and password with your spouse or partner.  Here’s how to add an email address to an account that was created with a social login.

  1. Sign in with your social login (Google, Facebook or Apple)  
  2. Go to Account and then hit “Add Email Login”.  From there you can add an email and password.  Tap “Add password login”. 
  3. A success message will be displayed. Clicking “Done” shows the Profile page, the email icon next to the original social icon. 
  4. You can login using the new email/password combination.  Send this login to your partner or spouse.

See a demo of how to setup Weekly to share with a partner.